Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Girls Required To Get HPV Vaccine! But Is It Safe?

According to the Daily Press, "The House of
Delegates on February 5, 2007 overwhelmingly
passed a measure that would necessitate schoolgirls be
vaccinated against the human papillomavirus. The
vaccine forestalls the virus, which infects 80 percentage
of women by the clip they turn 50, according to the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

"Several types of HPV can take to cervical cancer,
which kills about 3,700 women in the U.S. every year. Lawmakers in the Senate have got got already passed a measure
requiring that misses entering the 6th class be
vaccinated, but lets parents to seek medical and
spiritual exemptions."

I have an issue with this vaccination. Historically it
looks that pharmaceutical drugs and new medicinal
patterns have got caused the loss of many lives. And in
many lawsuits lives were knowingly loss because the
makers were in a haste to line their pockets. When drug companies are rushing to have Food and Drug Administration
approval, we've heard later of the same "safe" drugs
causing premature decease and all sorts of awful
medical conditions.

I understand that there is is desire to halt the
spreading of HPV, but can we swear the lawmakers,
pharmaceutical companies, or the makers of
this vaccine when they state it won't ache our
daughters? I'm not so sure.

Though 80% of women are infected with the HPV
virus by age 50, only a little per centum of the
population actually develop cervical cancer. Should
we swear the people who state this vaccine is safe? My
intestine says, "No."

As my ain girl attains the 6th grade, I don't cognize if I could let her to return the HPV vaccination. What if something went wrong? What if this apparent "safe" inoculation Pb to sterilization? Would I ever be able to forgive myself. I don't believe so. The pharmaceutical companies simply make not have got got a good adequate path record for me to have religion in this HPV vaccination.

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