Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Law of Attraction And Positive Thinking - The Magical Power Of Your Mind

The film 'The Secret" have inspired billions of people and
created a bombilation as we contemplate how we can begin to apply
positive thought and the Law of Attraction into our daily
routine. The film was a great entree for many who have got not
previously heard of the Law of Attraction, and was released at a
clip of Negro spiritual awakening and the development of a new
consciousness in humanity.

How make you define the Law of Attraction? In its simplest word form the
Law of Attraction states that "like pulls like" and whatever
you concentrate your attending on the most is what will be attracted to
your life.

Our universe, and everything within it, is made up of energy
Fields that green goods varying vibrational frequencies. Our
thoughts, feelings and actions incorporate vibes which are
attracted to other like vibrations. Our current world is a
mirror of what we have got created, invited or attracted with our
belief system. The citation by Seth Thomas Dreir is a great
account of this cosmopolitan law 'The human race is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you
are friendly, if you are helpful, the human race will turn out to be
loving and friendly and helpful in return. The human race is what you

Unfortunately, achieving your desires is not just a substance of
putting some clip aside to visualise your ends and from there
the Law of Attraction and positive thought will make the rest. It
is extremely improbable that billions of dollars will magically
look in your depository financial institution business relationship as you sit down on the sofa meditating on
your dreaming of becoming a millionaire. Yes, we definitely make have
to put our ends
and visualise what we desire, however there are
two other critical ingredients which are indispensable elements for
manifesting our desires.

Firstly, focusing attending on what you want and make the
feelings as if your want is your current reality. If it is a
new auto that you desire, then experience the exhilaration as you throw in
your manus the keys to your dreaming auto - visualise the colour and
shape, odor the leather interior, hear the purr of the engine
and experience the powerfulness as you drive your trade name new auto out on the
unfastened highway.

Secondly, if you wish to rush up the procedure of achieving your
ends you must make something that moves you towards your goal. Visualizing what you want is wonderful, however, by
deliberately putting in movement a day-to-day action, be it big or
little, you will convey your dreamings into your world much

Our Universe is incredibly beneficent and only too willing to
present our petitions - so when crucial what you would truly love
in life be certain that what you are dreaming for is definitely
what you desire. It is clip for you to take control and actively
make the life your desire by applying the Law of Attraction and
positive thinking.

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Blogger Thom Rutledge said...

Please consider another perspective on The Secret. As a psychotherapist, I have some very serious concerns about some of the drastic over-simplifications and just plain inaccurate information being disseminated by this project.

…concerned enough to have created a new web site to address what I think is poisonous about The Secret. If you have time, please check out "The Antidote":

Thanks. TR

September 20, 2007 at 10:12 AM  

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