Monday, October 29, 2007

Five Ways To Keep A Good Babysitter Happy

Finding a baby-sitter tin be tough, but sometimes keeping a Sitter happy can be just as tricky. Here are five tips for keeping a good baby-sitter happy.

1. Explain Your Expectations before the Willem De Sitter Comes on the First Day

Once you've establish a babysitter, travel over the regulations in your house and your expectations. If it is not possible to make this ahead of time, inquire them to get early on the first twenty-four hours so that you can travel over things. This volition aid to avoid any hereafter misunderstandings.

2. Put Yourself in the Their Shoes

Make your place welcoming to the sitter. Brand certain he or she cognizes how things work in your house. You may also desire to see particular bites or a film that the Sitter can bask after the children are in bed.

3. Come Back on Time

Try to be place on time. If you state you will be place by a certain time...don't be late. Your Sitter may have got other programs or other obligations. If you desire them to babysit again, regard their time. If you must be late, always name to do certain that it is ok.

4. Set Boundaries for Your Children

Make certain your children make not take advantage of the babysitter. Set regulations and bounds for behaviour that volition maintain peace while you are gone.

5. Show Some Respect

Finally, always handle your children's baby-sitter with respect. Wage them according to the charge per unit that you agreed upon and bank check with them regularly to do certain that they are happy.

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