Wednesday, November 7, 2007

4 Things Parents Need To Talk To Their Kids About Before College

If you have got got a teen or teens in high school who are thinking about going to college you really necessitate to have some treatments with them about the followers subjects. At least one of these subjects will be somewhat uncomfortable for you but you owe it to yourself and your teen to speak to them about it. These are existent issues and they won't travel away by not talking about them, and in fact they could be far worse.

Where to Go/What To Study

The first treatment you should have got with adolescent is to happen out where they would wish to travel to school. Bash they desire to remain in the same city? Same state? Same country? Many parents often presume that their teens will choose to remain close to home, only to happen that their teen had their bosom set on studying abroad.

Similarly, you should also speak about what they would wish to study. Many teens are uncertain about what they desire to analyze at school. If that is the lawsuit aid them by asking them what hereafter calling they would wish to have. Then work back from there. Don't be surprised though if your teen's thought of where and what to analyze are different than what you thought.


For many parents this tin be the most hard subject to discuss. You and your teen may have got very different thoughts about who is going to pay for what. It come ups to a large surprise to many teens that their parents anticipate they to pay for portion of their ain school costs when they have got had everything paid for up until now. Be very clear on who is going to pay for separate things and lodge with it. Trust me this volition save you many statements later on if you calculate it out now.


Let's human face it, most teens when they travel away to college will be exposed to alcohol. Think back to when you were in college, I am certain for most you there was imbibing going on. They may also be exposed to drugs, which many parents happen worrying. You should fully explicate the hazards and dangers of drinking/doing doses as well as why many people make it. And, if you have got done a good occupation educating them, your teen will generally do good decisions.


Finally, we come up to sex. Like with imbibing and drugs you should fully educated your teen on the hazards and the grounds why people take to have got sex. Your teen is becoming an grownup an as such as they will do their ain decisions. Your occupation is to assist them do the best decisions, but you can't seek and control their lives for them. This scheme most often backlashes and consequences in worse behaviour than if you had just allow them do up their ain minds.

My advice is to have got these conversations sooner rather than later. You will salvage yourself a batch of grief if you do. Moreover, if you make talking about these things with your teen it will demo them that you care about their wellbeing. I cognize it can be hard but as I said at the start these issues aren't going to be going away anytime soon.

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