Thursday, May 10, 2007

Linux Training Online - Using the Linux cd Command to Change Directory in the Linux File System

As a new Linux user looking for Linux training, you need to learn how to use Linux commands. And one of the most commonly used Linux file system commands is the cd (change directory) command.

Using the Linux cd Command

The Linux cd (change directory) command is used to change from your current directory (folder) into a different directory.

You need to change into a directory with the cd command to do Linux administration tasks like:

  • create a new file or remove an existing file
  • copy or move a file to a different directory
  • edit and modify a file, such as a Linux text configuration file for a Linux server
  • create a new directory or remove an existing directory
  • copy or move a directory to a different directory
Linux cd Command Example - Changing into a Directory Below the Current Directory

To change directory into a directory "below" the current directory, you type in cd and a space and the name of the directory you want to change into.

For example, to change into a directory named "letters" below the current directory, you run the following command.

]$ cd letters

To change into a different directory, below the current directory, just replace "letters" with the name of the directory.

Linux Tips: A directory inside the current directory is considered "below" the current directory, and is called a subdirectory.

Linux cd Command Example - Changing Directory Up One Directory (Level)

To change directory up one directory (level), you type in cd and a space and then two dots (periods).

For example, if you have moved into the directory named "letters" and want to go back (up) to your previous directory, you run the following command.

]$ cd ..

Linux Tips: The directory above the current directory is also called the "parent" directory.

Beyond This "Linux Training Online" Article

The Linux cd command is used in many other ways to navigate around the Linux file system.

To continue your Linux training, you also need to learn how to use the cd command to: change to the root directory, change directory using an absolute path, and also easily change into a directory parallel to the current directory.

You can clearly and easily see all of the Linux concepts and commands shown above (and lots more!) by watching a Linux video tutorial.

With this method of Linux training, you can see how to use a Linux command step-by-step and also hear how to run the command. This is a very easy way to learn how to use Linux.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Brother's love

Some few days ago my father told me a very beautiful Uzbek legend and I just couldn't forget it, that's why I want to share it with all of you:

There were two brothers and one of them was a king, Khorezmshoh, they would call him. They were very rich and happy, because they had one of the riches kingdoms in the whole region. But, happy days were about to end. Hordes of Karakhanids were invading the region and were already at the gates of their kingdom. The king was ready to face them and to struggle and so he did, but unfortunately he was taken as a captive. And instead of saving him, his younger brother proclaimed himself as a king and took his brother's place.
Some years have passed and the older brother somehow managed to escape from the captivity and returned to his kingdom. His people immediately recognized him and he retook his position, but ordered his elder brother to be punished for his treason. He was blinded, but he wasn't put in prison, instead he was given a huge castle in the outskirts of the kingdom and all the luxuries of the king.
The years were passing and one day, a blind brother complained to his servant that after so many years his brother never came to see him. And his servant answered him that he's wrong and that his king-brother is coming to the castle, sits in the corner of his blind brother's room and cries, he just looks at him and cries...

I have to say that this legend almost made me cry, it tells that even after such a treason his elder brother loves him!!!